Our Team

With altogether more than 16 years experience and more than 20 certificates in cyber security we are highly committed to convert humans from a threat to an asset in cyber security.

Daniel Berzsenyi

CEO, Co-founder

As a young cyber security professional I had the chance to experience the so-called cyber security skills gap as a burning problem. The idea of cyex was born to create a new and engaging solution for cyber awareness that breaks with the one-size-fits-all approach. With cyber threat intelligence and exercise planning experiences I am dedicated to change the way how non-technical people are looking at cybersecurity.

Daniel Vaczi

CFO, Co-founder

I’m a big fan of people, even though my work and research are technology-related, and I love to build bridges between cyberspace and society. As a cyber security professional and entrepreneur, my goal is to raise people’s awareness of this critical topic, no matter what level they require. I started my career with social engineering tests, and later gained experience in SMEs, multinational companies and public organizations as a consultant. My goal is to help people become more cyber-wise, that’s why I put all of my energy into building cyex.

Zsolt Bederna


I started to work as a system administrator many years ago. I quickly oriented toward security engineering. Over time, I worked with many end-user devices, servers, and network devices to plan, implement, and maintain secure IT services and IT security services in cooperation with the business and the developers. Even, I had to cooperate more closely with each stakeholder as an IT security consultant.

Tamas Takats


I am full-stack, meaning from setting up a server, I do everything until the user sees the results. My main weapon is PHP with Twig and JS, backed up with Node.JS and Socket.io, SQL with Redis for heavy duties, but eager to learn whatever needed.

I’m the father of a gorgeous child and husband of a beautiful wife.

Meanwhile, I learned how to build applications from the beginning, create build and release pipelines for unique solutions and codebases, and work with agile methodology.

I got experiences with several methodologies (water model, scrum, etc.). I like to solve the problem and work as a part of a team.