Our mission is to build bridges between cyber security and people

How does it work?

We use personalized learning-by-doing techniques in realistic cyber situations combined with personal success to generate user emotion, motivation and engagement toward cyber security.

We transform cyber skills 55% more efficiently than traditional solutions by utilizing the advantage of active and micro learning. We personalize the content to YOUR company based on your internal information and cyber threat intelligence.

Why cyex?​

We are highly committed to help people understand what are the background processes and risks in the digital world. Taking people through relevant, personalized and real-life situations is the most effective way to raise and maintain awareness. We believe that protecting yourself in cyberspaces is as easy as tying shoelaces. If the non-technical employees know what to do in different situations, they can become the biggest asset of cybersecurity next to your high-tech solutions. Furthermore, people can quickly adopt this knowledge to their private life and can help protect their children and family.

Our solutions​

Our web-based platform uses organization and department-based highly personalized cyber simulations in a controlled, VR-powered environment. Instead of boring and difficult to understand text/video content, we place our users into realistic situations even in VR when it's needed. During the simulation the user faces with various cyber threats without causing a threat to the real infrastructure. The situations are dynamically changing based on the user answers, and the platform provides feedbacks that help to understand the consequences of the different choices.

Customer benefit

Meanwhile the users learn the right behaviors and become aware of different risks, the employer gets informed about the workforce’s risk level with the unique Employee Risk Map and the dedicated dashboard. The map also shows the weaknesses and strengths of individuals, groups, or departments. In addition, we help our clients to improve cyber security and particular statistics support the various audit and compliance requirements (e.g. ISO 27001, ISO 27701, PCI DSS, GDPR).

Why do we use VR training?

The more senses you need to use for learning, the more effective it will be. The effectiveness of a traditional e-learning course is around 20%, meanwhile with the help of a VR training 75% of the learning material can be utilized. That is why we created a customizable virtual layer for our service where we use cyber security awareness topics combined into 360 degree virtual tours. The training can be realized in our stock virtual environments or we can scan our clients’ physical spaces in order to educate the workforce in a more realistic milieu. This technology helps employees to understand the cyber security challenges and threats that are affecting them directly. In specific situations the users can easily understand the perspectives of a potential attacker or a decision maker. Therefore the cyber security awareness will increase enormously.

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