Cyex Rootino

The Cyex Rootino is a VR-powered B2B platform that enables you to find, track and improve cyber security awareness in one place.
We use personalized learning-by-doing techniques in realistic cyber situations combined with personal success to generate user emotion, motivation and engagement toward cybersecurity.

Cyex Camp is an annual Cybersecurity Simulation Challenge & Innovation Play. The challenge is a tabletop exercise combined with ‘Capture The Flag’ (CTF) exercises for undergraduate, graduate and high school students. The play has 3 parts. The first part is the University pitch competition where university and PhD students can present their cybersecurity theses and research ideas. The second part is the Cybersecurity Startup Pitch competition and the third is the Defense and offense challenge for dual-use technologies in cybersecurity.

Cyex Events is a free online collection of various cyber security conferences and events. The collection provides detailed background information about the most relevant cyber security events worldwide. With an easy-to-use search engine, the visitors can initiate various searches to find the best events for their needs whether they are searching for a specific location or an event type.
Cyex Events is also collecting the feedback of the participants in order to help those who are interested in cyber security events to find the useful and well organized events globally.