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Personalized, continuous, VR-powered situational simulations.

Personalized, continuous, VR-powered situational simulations.

What is the Cyex Rootino?

The Cyex Rootino is a VR-powered B2B platform that enables you to find, track and improve digital awareness in one place. Our mission is to build bridges between technology and people

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"I was impressed with the founders insight into the problems faced by organisations attempting to improve their cyber security, recognising it is not just a technical issue but one every member of staff needs to help address."
Clare Lain
Cyber Strategist at NATO CCDCOE
"Cyber risks can not be eliminated. Understanding threat is the key to reducing risk. Cyex is the solution to discern knowledge, increase ability, awareness and expertise."

Ralph Echemendia
The Ethical Hacker and CEO of Seguru

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