Our product

In the first stage, our product is a modular cyber exercise planning tool that saves costs and simplifies cyber war gaming by client tailored, fully automated and highly realistic cybersecurity incident simulation. In the next stage, the planning tool will be integrated with GUI based simulation that serves as an exercise available from basic levels to high profile expertise supported by AI. In the third stage the exercise planning and simulation tools will be combined with a fully variable cyber range to perform highly personalized and nearly real-time hands-on exercises at all levels.

Our approach to cybersecurity

Companies think that technology can solve their security problems, therefore they spend millions of dollars on technical solutions and they miss to address the weakest link in the security chain. Humans fail but with highly realistic, hands-on exercises their cyber readiness can be developed more effectively than regular trainings. Everyone has to be their own cybersecurity expert that leads to organizational resiliency and a more secure future.

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Quotes from cyber leaders