About the product

Cyex.io is a unique, AI based complex solution that generates personalized cybersecurity exercises with special focus on the industry and cyber threat specifics of the client. Cyex.io made for those: who know that cybersecurity exercises, drills and simulations are the best way to reach organizational resiliency; who are required by the regulators to hold cybersecurity exercises on a regular basis; who understand the importance of experience based human preparedness against cyber threats.

The idea of cyex.io is originated from the founders’ experiences with cybersecurity exercises at national and international level. A cybersecurity exercise best serves the interests of the organization and really increases security if it reflects the industry and organizational features, the cyber threat profile and the vulnerability specifics as much as possible. This kind of personalized cybersecurity exercise is extremely costly and requires outstanding cyber expertise and experience.

Cyex.io is able to automate most of the steps during the planning phase of an exercise scenario and at the same time it saves costs and reduces the number of the necessary experienced cybersecurity practitioners. By using cyex.io organizations are affected by less breaches, detection time and losses are reduced, preparation become less time-consuming beside better efficiency and the staff become more prepared while the expensive certified cybersecurity experts can focus on other challenges.

Our solution is a modular based cyber exercise tool that saves costs and simplifies cyber war gaming by client tailored, fully automated and highly realistic cybersecurity incident simultaion in the first stage. In the second stage cyex.io provides a platform that is the combination of the planning tool and GUI based simulations supported by AI. In the last stage we offer an ultimate solution implementing a fully variable cyber range to perform highly personalized and nearly real-time hands-on exercises at all levels.