Our mission is to help people become cyber wise​

How it works?

We use personalized learning-by-doing techniques in realistic cyber situations combined with personal success to generate user emotion, motivation and engagement toward cybersecurity.

We transform cyber skills 55% more efficiently than traditional solutions by utilizing the advantage of active and micro learning. We personalize the content to YOUR company based on your internal information and cyber threat intelligence.

Why cyex?​

We are highly committed to helping people understand what is around them in the digital world. We believe that protecting yourself in the cyberspaces is as easy as tying shoelaces. If the non-technical employees know what to do in different situations, they can become the biggest asset of cybersecurity next to your high-tech solutions. Furthermore, people can quickly adopt this knowledge to their private life and can help protect their children and family.

Our solutions​

Our web-based platform uses organization and department-based highly personalized cyber simulations in a controlled environment. Instead of boring and difficult to understand text/video content, we place our users into realistic situations. During the simulation the user faces with various cyber threats without causing a threat to the real infrastructure. The situations are dynamically changing based on the user answers, and the platform provides feedbacks that help to understand the consequences of the different choices.

At the same time, the organization can have an overview about the employees' awareness and the compliance level of different regulations (e.g. ISO 27000, GDPR, etc.) with the use of the unique dashboard of cyex. It provides assistance for the decision makers and security teams in the planning process.