About us

We are a team of young professionals committed to cybersecurity who experienced the so called cybersecurity skills gap as a burning problem that impacts the whole world. By 2020 the lack of required cybersecurity experts may exceed 3 million people worldwide and there is no solution to fill this gap. We think that no education, training or regular development programs can actually solve this issue.

That is why we started to think about a new approach and the intorduction of a paradigm shift in the way you are looking at cyber readiness and preparedness. As there is no end in sight for the skills gap crisis, organizations must look at the problem in new ways (Gartner). Cybersecurity is an issue of the human factor and the weakest link in cybersecuirty is sitting at the keyboard. That is why we say: EVERYONE HAS TO BE THEIR OWN CYBERSECURITY EXPERT.

Humans fail. They open malicious links, they click on attachemnts sent by attackers and in case of an emergency they react improperly and slowly. Most companies comply with regulations in safety and fire preventions, power usage or waste management and the staff is trained with fire drills, safety trainings and awareness campaigns. THEN WHY ARE THE COMPANIES NOT SECURED AGAINST CYBERTHREATS?

With strong focus on the most vulnerable part of security – the human factor – we started to design and develop a solution that makes your staff prepared, up-to-date and resistant against real cyber threats. To make this happen, we utilize our professional experience and diversified background in the field of cyber threat intelligence, cybersecurity consultancy and auditing, ethical hacking, cyber exercise planning, software engineering and artificial intelligence (AI) develpoment.

We are Cyex

All together we have 20+ years experience with various aspects of software development and cybersecurity. Beside the two founders with cybersecurity expertise, cyex is made up of a system security engineer and integrator with certified cybersecurity skillset, a computer programmer mathematician with 10+ years software engineering background, an AI and ML specialist with 5+ years BIG4 experience and a proficient software developer with scrum skillset.

Our team

Daniel Berzsenyi
CEO, founder

Senior cyber threat intelligence analyst and cyber exercise planner with an MSc, a CISM and ongoing PhD studies.

Daniel Vaczi
CFO, founder

Cybersecurity consultant and cyber exercise planner with an MSc, a CEH and ongoing PhD studies